Comparing Traditional Crowns and CEREC
Patients who are interested in dental crowns have many different options to consider. Depending on their needs, they may think about traditional crowns or high-tech crowns using the CEREC method. Both are effective in promoting long-term dental health and restoring the look of teeth.

Crowns have many different uses:

They can protect a tooth after a root canal procedure;
They can cover a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth;
They can support or reinforce a weak or filled tooth;
They can strengthen anchor teeth for a dental bridge.
Only an experienced dentist in Dallas can advise patients on which type of crowns might be best for a specific situation. Still, it’s a good idea to be informed about the pros and cons of each possibility.

Traditional Crowns Remain an Effective Option in Many Situations
A traditional crown is a “cap” that completely covers the visible surfaces of a damaged tooth. It can be made from many different materials, including metal, porcelain, ceramic, and resin.

These conventional crowns can be less expensive than the CEREC ones. However, durability and aesthetic value are often competing concerns when choosing the material for a traditional crown.

The process for making a conventional crown usually takes several steps. At the first appointment, the dentist shaves down some of the affected tooth’s enamel to ensure a strong fit, then takes an impression of the teeth. The impression is used to manufacture the crown, which is installed during a second appointment. Between the two visits, a temporary crown is worn.

CEREC Crowns are Super-Strong and Can Be Produced Faster
CEREC is the company responsible for the latest innovation in crown technology. The cornerstone of this approach is a sophisticated computer-aided design process that creates incredibly strong, precise crowns. Because of that advanced precision, it’s not necessary to “mill” a patient’s teeth to ensure an excellent fit. This accelerates and streamlines the whole process.

Crowns using CEREC are made from a single block of porcelain, which makes them extremely durable. They are manufactured in just one visit, so there is no need to wait or worry about another appointment. Although it can be difficult to produce a natural-looking gradation of colors for these crowns, a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. David Brumbaugh, D.D.S. is up to the challenge.

Those looking for an expert cosmetic dentist in Dallas can’t go wrong with Dr. Brumbaugh. To discover more, contact him today.

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