Procedures & Services

Procedures & Services


Looking for an emergency dentist in Dallas? The team at R. David Brumbaugh, D.D.S. provides a complete suite of services for all dental emergencies, including broken and fractured teeth and much more. No matter what your emergency is, this is the team to call from anywhere in the Dallas area.

Fast, Effective Emergency Dental Care in Dallas is Now Available With One Call

David Brumbaugh, D.D.S. is known for top quality restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Dallas. The practice is also proud to offer some of the area’s best emergency dental services. After suffering an accident or other serious dental issue, it’s imperative to get help as quickly possible.
The sooner help is rendered, the more likely it is that teeth will be saved!

Emergency dental services can include any of the following:

  • Immediate help for broken teeth
  • Help with a sudden toothache in one or several teeth,/li>
  • Care for a fractured tooth or other dental damage
  • Tooth extraction to keep problems from getting worse

For Emergency Dental Services You Can Trust, Call R. David Brumbaugh, D.D.S.

When it comes to emergency dental care, every second counts. Don’t wait another minute to get the dental help you need. For immediate assistance, call the office of Dr. R. David Brumbaugh at 214-369-5159.