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Dental Implications of Broken & Fractured Teeth

Let’s discuss how a tooth fracture can become a big problem. Because we feel strongly about this topic, we want to make sure you understand the issue at hand.

While a tooth fracture may not sound serious, it actually demands critical attention. The fracture can deepen in time to affect the pulp, which can be quite painful and eventually lead to root canal therapy or extraction.

We are sometimes able to repair front teeth with a special glue, but if the bite is imperfect, the bond may not survive long. A full or partial crown, which will lend strength and stability, is generally preferred.

We’re treating more tooth fractures than ever in our practice. The primary culprits, accidents and aging, may seem to be out of your control, but there are precautions you can take to prevent tooth fractures. Here are some suggestions:

Caution for Contact Sports

It’s the time of the year when contact sports begin, which makes it a good time to once again bring up the subject of mouth guards.

A penalty is often assessed against high school and college teams when players don’t wear their mouth guards. The biggest consequence of not wearing a guard, however, are not the penalties but the splintered jawbones, cuts to the cheek and lip, fractured teeth and even brain concussions that can result.

Often young athletes find mouth guards awkward and elect not to wear them. We can make one that fits much better and is more comfortable than the generic kind you find in stores.

If you have questions about mouth guards, please give us a call. Visit our Dallas dentist office at 8222 Douglas Ave Suite 580, Dallas, TX 75225 or call us at 214-369-5159.

  • Use a mouth guard when you engage in sports
  • Refrain from chewing non-food items—fingernails, pencils, etc.
  • Stay away from extremely hot and cold liquids, which cause contraction and expansion of enamel
  • If you chew ice, kick the habit
  • Just say no to hard foods and candies
  • Resist clenching your teeth when stressed
  • Wear a night guard if you grind your teeth at night

I hope you will consider this information and call us soon to determine the best solution for you.