Millions of people all over the United States suffer from dental anxiety. About 40 million people in the U.S. alone avoid visiting the dentist because of their worries – that’s a full 15% of the nation’s population!

If you’re one of the many people who worry about seeing the dentist, have no fear. At R. David Brumbaugh, D.D.S., we respect your concerns. That’s why we’re proud to use a helpful, safe, and effective approach to dental anxiety that really works.

It’s called sedation dentistry, and it means your visit will be no more worrying than a quick nap.

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Sedation Dentistry
People who suffer from dental anxiety can often point to bad experiences in the dentist’s chair early in life. These can have a profound effect on how you think about dentistry and whether or not you pursue dental health care as an adult.

Some dentists dismiss these fears, but at R. David Brumbaugh, D.D.S., we understand. Dental anxiety is a serious issue that can even cause panic attacks in some people.

As challenging as that is, getting regular dental care is essential to healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. That’s where sedation dentistry comes in. It’s the perfect technique to address those fears and get you the care you need.

With sedation dentistry, anesthesia gently brings our patients to a state of relaxation. Depending on the individual’s needs, this ranges from a calm, but alert state to a deep “sleep.” The patient’s well-being is monitored throughout. Nitrous oxide, an IV, a liquid or pill can be used.

The benefits of sedation dentistry are undeniable:

Patients no longer need to worry about experiencing discomfort during procedures
Since patients remain entirely still, many procedures can be completed more quickly
Sedation dentistry is typically a relaxing, refreshing, and pleasant experience for patients
Patients recover quickly from sedation and often have limited memory about procedures
Sedation dentistry makes any course of treatment more pleasant and can even make things safer for the patient. Our principal, Dr. Brumbaugh, is licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners to use a wide variety of sedation options. That makes him the top sedation dentist in Dallas.

Sedation is appropriate for the whole family, including most adults, children, and seniors. Our practice helped to introduce sedation dental procedures in the Dallas, Texas area – and it’s still one of our most-requested services today.

Sedation Can Be Used with Many Procedures
At R. David Brumbaugh, D.D.S., we offer a wide range of services – from general dentistry to cosmetic and emergency procedures. Sedation dentistry in Dallas can be used in virtually all cases at your discretion. You have the power to overcome dental anxiety!

If dental anxiety has been holding you back from getting the oral care you need, there’s never been a better time to visit your local dentist. The sooner you get on track with preventive care, the easier it’ll be to maintain a high level of dental health.

Your decision to get your sedation dentistry treatment is the biggest step.

Find out how easy it can be: Call us at (214) 945-8708 or fill out the contact form to set your appointment.

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