Safe Sedation During Dental Work

woman happy at dentist's office sedation dentistry conceptYour oral health needs will affect the kind of treatment experience you have with your dentist. Many appointments are meant to provide routine care, so your visit is limited to a review and cleaning. However, when problems are present, more involved services become necessary. Your Dallas, TX dentist understands that restorative services can be intimidating to some. For those who experience dental anxiety, even a preventive visit can be daunting. One way we help is by offering safe dental sedation that lets you remain conscious and aware of what is happening at your appointment. In addition to helping with nitrous oxide, we can recommend more advanced solutions, including IV sedation, when necessary.

Unease About Dental Care Affects Many People

Some unease can be hard to avoid when you need to schedule your first restorative dental procedure. It can be difficult for some patients to feel comfortable during any appointment, even a routine oral health checkup. Whether anxiety accompanies you to every appointment or you feel wary of a recently recommended treatment, dental sedation can help. The right support can help you feel at ease while you undergo care. Because your options include nitrous oxide, you can enjoy relief and recover from the effects of sedation in time to safely drive yourself home.

How We Help You Stay Comfortable During Your Procedure

Nitrous oxide is administered continuously during an appointment. Under its effects, you can remain conscious but in a relaxed state, which means you remain aware of what is happening while having your anxiety lessened. This can help with comfort during a longer procedure, too, so someone in need of more advanced care can benefit even if they do not suffer from unease.

Some individuals require more potent forms of support. If necessary, we can explore these options with you. One involves IV sedation, which provides the most potent relaxing effect. You will remain in a semi-conscious state and present in the appointment, but you can have little memory of it afterward.

Skipping Dental Appointments Makes Serious Oral Health Threats More Likely To Affect You

Support is available for people with dental anxiety. If you choose to simply avoid oral health care in all forms, you can set yourself up for serious smile risks, which means you may need more involved dental care in the future! Let your dentist know about your history with unease around treatment. When you do so, care can be planned around your needs so that you can have a better experience in the dentist’s chair.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Safe Dental Sedation During Your Treatment!

Through safe dental sedation options, we help patients who are uneasy about upcoming appointments feel more comfortable. We can talk to you about whether this kind of support is right for you. If it is, we can discuss the support available and what you should expect. If you would like to find out more, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (214) 369-5159.