Dental Chair Anxiety? Let Dr. David Brumbaugh, DDS, Put You at Ease

Dental chair anxiety is fairly common, but the good news is your dentist has a variety of ways to put you at ease. Whether you’re just coming in for a regular cleaning appointment or another more complex procedure, don’t let anxiety keep you from better oral health. All you have to do is let your dentist know, and they’ll help you through every step.

Understanding Your Dental Chair AnxietyPhoto by <a href="">Caroline LM</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Dentophobia, or odontophobia, is a fear of the dentist. This can stem from a previous bad experience, fear of the unknown, or even just being afraid that something will hurt. Some people have a severe version of this common condition that keeps them from visiting the dentist completely. Others only have mild to moderate anxiety but are still willing to see their dentist.

Regardless of the cause or level of anxiety, the only way to get through it is to talk to your dentist. You can schedule an appointment just to discuss your anxiety and the various ways your dentist can help you overcome those concerns and make your treatment more comfortable. 

Visit a Dentist Focused on Overcoming Dental Anxiety

The first step is to find a dentist, like Dr. David Brumbaugh, who focuses on helping calm anxious patients. These dentists are trained to use specific methods to ease anxiety, such as sedation, during procedures. Dr. Brumbaugh is fully licensed to use both nitrous oxide and IV sedation.

Those dental professionals who cater specifically to patients with dental chair anxiety are far more patient and understanding, even with children. This means you’ll feel more comfortable overall knowing that you have a dentist who is willing to take things slow to put you at ease.

Using Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you’re not dealing with extreme dental chair anxiety or a full-blown phobia, your dentist may use nitrous oxide sedation. The gas puts you in a relaxed state but keeps you awake to interact with the dentist and hygienist. You’ll leave your stress and worries behind during the procedure. This is a common calming method with dental cleanings.

The great part is the effects wear off within minutes after the gas is removed. So, you’re fine to drive home after your appointment.

IV Dental Sedation

For more severe dental chair anxiety, IV dental sedation may be necessary. You remain partially awake, but you’re not likely to remember much of anything after the procedure’s over. It’s more powerful than nitrous oxide and lets you receive the oral health care you need without fear.

Don’t let fear stop you from seeing your dentist. Learn more about our sedation dentistry for a stress-free experience.