Don’t Let a Missing Tooth Ruin Your Smile

A missing tooth doesn’t have to mean the end of wide smiles and spontaneous laughter. Instead, it just means a trip to your dentist is in order. With multiple options available, your dentist helps you restore your smile as if nothing was ever missing. 

It’s About More Than Your SmilePhoto by <a href="">Jamie Brown</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

At first, you’re probably more embarrassed to have a gap in your smile than anything else. You might not even think about how else a missing tooth affects your mouth. Not only are you hiding your brilliant smile away, but losing a single tooth may affect the way you speak and the placement of your other teeth.

With alignment issues, it may even make it harder to clean your teeth properly, which could lead to other oral health problems. So, don’t let that one gap make you feel too embarrassed to see your dentist. Fixing it not only brings back your smile but makes your mouth healthier. Plus, you’re not alone. Approximately 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth.

Restorations Blend In Perfectly

You might be putting off fixing the issue because you’re afraid restorative procedures will stand out even worse. But, there are multiple options to replace one or more teeth that blend in with the rest of your teeth. Once the replacement is in place, it’ll look exactly like it’s always been a part of your mouth. 

No one ever has to know. Best of all, your smile looks just as amazing as it always did. Think of it as not only restoring your tooth but your confidence.

Fix Your Missing Tooth

We offer three main options to fix missing teeth, whether it’s one or multiple. Dental implants don’t affect the surrounding teeth. The implant attaches inside your gums to serve as the root of your new tooth. A tooth that looks just like your surrounding teeth is then attached to that pillar. With proper care, it can last the rest of your life.

A dental bridge works by placing crowns on the teeth on either side of the missing one. This also works well if you have a couple of missing teeth side by side. The new false tooth is then held in place by the bridge created by the crowns.

Finally, partial dentures let you keep your existing teeth while filling in the gaps from any missing teeth. You can remove them to make it easier to keep them clean.

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