Do You Soak Your Dentures Overnight? Here’s Why You Should

Do You Soak Your Dentures Overnight? Here’s Why You ShouldAfter a long day, there’s nothing better than hopping into bed, snuggling under the covers, and drifting off into dreamland. Right as you’re falling asleep, you suddenly realize that you forgot to remove your dentures. Although it may be tempting to leave them in your mouth for the night, it’s crucial that you take them out and let them soak overnight. Read along as your dentist in Dallas explains why you should get into the habit of soaking dentures while you sleep.

Acrylic Dentures Are Full of Pores

Acrylic is the most common denture base material. Even though it looks solid, it’s full of tiny pores that are almost invisible to the naked eye. Bacteria like to grow in these tiny spaces, creating entire populations in the pores of acrylic dentures. With so many bacteria in your dentures, you must do your best to keep their growth under control. Otherwise, they may lead to dental problems like gum disease.

Bacteria Increases as We Get Older

The pores in your dentures aren’t the only factor that can increase your risk of gum disease. As we age, the population of bacteria in our mouths is constantly growing and exposed to more infectious organisms over time. And unfortunately, our ability to produce antibacterial saliva decreases as we get older too. It could be the result of the natural aging process, certain medications, or even the dentures themselves. To protect your mouth from harmful bacteria, you must keep it as clean as possible – and that involves soaking your dentures overnight.

Your Gums Need a Break

Naturally, your gums aren’t strong enough to bear the force of your teeth. That’s why when nighttime rolls around, your gums are sore from supporting your dentures all day. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give them a break while you sleep. Fortunately, soaking your dentures overnight can help them do just that! Plus, it’s an excellent way to keep your dentures clean. It’s a win-win situation all around!

Soaking Is an Effective Way to Clean Dentures

As a denture wearer, you likely understand the importance of brushing your dentures every day to remove food particles and other debris lingering on the surface. However, this method alone is unable to penetrate the pores that shelter oral bacteria. But you know what can? Soaking! It can remove over 99.9% of oral bacteria, meaning it’ll help your mouth remain as clean and healthy as possible. To use this approach, submerge your prosthetic in a glass of denture cleanser. You could also use cold or room-temperature water if that’s all you have on hand. But avoid using hot water! It could cause your denture’s shape to warp. Taking proper care of your dentures will help you get the most out of your new smile. So, before you go to bed, don’t forget to soak your dentures overnight – it’ll ensure your mouth stays happy and healthy for years to come!

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